Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Primeval Whirl and Expedition Everest

The main goal of today was to have the triplets ride Primeval Whirl at Animal Kingdom. They haven't been able to ride this coaster so far because you have to be 48 inches tall - it is the tallest height requirement at Disney World except for driving the Indy Speedway cars. Primeval Whirl is a cute little mouse type roller coaster that spins around too. The older kids really love it and got to ride it about 8 times before having to get off on one trip. So we went to Primeval Whirl first and Lizzie measured tall enough and Rachel measured tall enough. Alex did not - seriously he was probably about 1/8 of an inch too short and you could tell he was seriously disappointed. He was a good sport about it though!

Rachel, Lizzie and I rode one time and that was all Rachel wanted to do. By this time, Mark had returned from getting FastPasses for Expedition Everest so he rode a couple more times with Lizzie, Spencer and Megan. Rachel, Alex and I explored the shop nearby. Afterwards, we spent a little time looking for Hidden Mickey's. The one pictured below is seriously about the size of a quarter on a dinosaur statue nearby. We thought it was pretty cool but it would be very hard to find without a good telephoto lens - thanks Mark!

We had some time to kill before our FastPasses for Everest so we went to visit Pooh Bear, Eyeore and Tigger. This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.

After we left, Eyeore followed us up the path. I think we almost convinced him to come back to Michigan with us, but it turns out that he doesn't like the cold very much!

We headed over to Everest which Alex decided he was going to ride for the first time. The little girls and Megan opted out of the ride so Mark, Spencer, Alex and I rode. It was a lot of fun but Alex was a little white getting off. But now he can say that he rode it - although it might be a while before he rides it again.

My parents decided they wanted to go home at this point and we just hung out on a bench watching the crowds for a while. Actually, we were trying to stay warm! I forgot to mention that it was pretty cool this morning. It was in the 40s when we left this morning and it only got up to about 56 degrees. Plus it was very windy...so the water rides were out today! We watched the Flight of Wonder show which has a bunch of different birds - it is one of the hidden gems of Animal Kingdom. We headed over to the Lion King show which is one of my favorites. We had lunch and then went on Kilamanjaro Safari - Mark got some really cool pictures of all the animals with the telephoto lens.

We were home by about 2:00 and just hung out and relaxed. We're headed to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow! Yeah!


  1. Evan was too short for Primal Whirl too...so I sat out with him. EVEN THOUGH...ken is the one who doesn't like whirly rides! Oh the pain of being a mother sometimes! haha

  2. Hi Cindy!
    It's fun to hear about your family. I can't believe how the kids have grown! It sounds like you have the Disney system worked out. Hearing about how cold Michigan is doesn't make me miss it at all.
    Carrie Thorum