Monday, January 19, 2009

EPCOT Here We Come

Well - we were all exhausted last night and I was the first one up at about 7:00 am. I decided that no one (including me) were in a hurry to get going this morning so I didn't force my family to get up and be at the parks by opening today. I think they were glad! We ate breakfast at the house and finally rolled out at about 9:30. This is a picture of E* and R* outside the house.

We headed over to Epcot and my parents had to go to MapleLeaf Tickets to pick up their discounted Disney tickets so they were going to meet us there. We arrived at the park and there was a fairly long line to park. We figured today of all days would be a bit more crowded since it's a holiday. We still parked fairly close and the trams weren't even running to the front of the park so we walked in.

We decided to head to Test Track - Mark rode with Spencer and Alex while me and the girls headed into the store to shop and look at the cars. Rachel didn't really want to ride and Megan decided she didn't want to wait in line. My kids are kind of spoiled because we've learned how to use the FastPass system pretty well and we rarely have to wait very long. So the girls pretty much sat in every GM vehicle they have in the showroom area of Test Track. My parents called while we were waiting and had arrived at the park so they met us in the showroom area. Soon Mark and the boys were done with the ride and we headed out.

Mark and Spencer decided to go pick up a set of FastPasses for Soarin while the rest of us rode Journey Into Imagination. My kids still love this simple ride and A* talked my ear off the entire ride - it was very cute. We talked the kids into seeing Honey I Shrunk the Audience (although some of them didn't really want to do it). I hadn't seen this attraction since before the triplets were born - it's cute and a little scary in some parts but I think they all enjoyed it.

It was time for lunch and we decided to head over to the Beach Club (a nearby Disney resort) to have lunch and ice cream. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey sandwiches and ceasar salad and then ice cream for dessert - we were stuffed! We rode the boat back to Epcot and headed over to Soarin. I think that this is one of our favorite rides of all time!

My parents were done for the day so they headed home and took the girls, R* and E*. The rest of us went and rode Test Track again. Test Track has 2 lines - a regular line where your party will ride together and a single rider line where you will be used to "fill in" empty seats. There was a group of four French (we think) tourists that had gotten in the single rider line and were giving the cast member seating people a hard time that they couldn't ride together. Everytime he tried to guide one of them to a car, the girl would be pouty and wouldn't move. They finally could muster up enough English to ask for the word exit :-) It was pretty funny to watch.

After Test Track, we too headed home. The kids of course jumped right into the pool until dinner time.

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  1. ooh! now your dad is ON a blog! The lesson went pretty well, all things considering! Enjoy the vacation!