Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's COOOLD in Tennesee...

We headed off for our annual trek to Florida this morning. Many people think that we are pretty crazy for driving from Michigan to Florida, but the kids have gotten pretty good at travelling by car for long distances. We actually enjoy our trips in the car together.

I packed most of the late afternoon and evening yesterday and fell asleep before I could watch Monk and Psych - my favorite shows. After sleeping in my recliner until about 1:00 am (both of us zonked out watching tv). We set the alarm for 6 am and made it up on time. Mark and I put the cartop carrier on the top of the car - boy was that cold!!! The kids got up about 6:30 after hearing all the noise we were making packing up the car. My parents called us about 7:00 to inform us that they were already on their way and were almost to Ann Arbor. We all ate breakfast and were out of the house by about 7:30. It was a little later than I liked, but hey, we're on vacation right?

As we got in the car, the kids noted that it 1 degree BELOW zero - brrrr...the sun was starting to come up and it was really pretty. Our drive was pretty uneventful. It was pretty windy through Ohio and still very cold. We stopped for lunch at Taco Bell and only stopped one other time for a bathroom break. With 5 kids in the back - I think we did really well. We made it a game for the kids to watch for the temperature to rise a degree. The first person to notice that it was one degree higher won - no prizes though :-) The highest temperature we saw all day was 37 degrees, which is probably warmer than Michigan, but really not the immediate benefit that I was looking for.

We arrived in Cleveland, TN (just north of Chattanooga) about 6:15 and checked into the Fairfield Inn. It's really nice except for the lime green/white curtains on the windows. Interesting color choices! My parents were already checked in so we checked into our room and then we all headed over to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. This is a must do when we're traveling for some silly reason. I always have to have breakfast for dinner. The food was good except the triplets didn't eat much - too many snacks in the car.

After dinner, Mark took the triplets down to the pool to expend some energy and here I am, hanging out for a little while. Hopefully the warmth will arrive tomorrow as we travel into Florida.

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