Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Homeschool Fun

Well, the rest of the world went back to school today and we did too. I promised the kids that if they finished their schoolwork this morning, then we would go to see Bedtime Stories today at the movies. They did awesome - all of their schoolwork was finished by noon. Nothing like a little incentive!

We invited one of Megan's friends to go with us and off we went. We loved the movie! It was a fun movie that was great for the kids! When we got home, Megan and her friend baked cupcakes with the help of the triplets. They were thrilled with the product, but needless to say, mom was not thrilled with the mess :-)

We're getting prepared for the arrival of Mark's parents tomorrow - cleaning up the house and deciding what the meals will be for the next week or so. It will be nice to have them here and the kids are especially excited. Rachel's vote for the meal tomorrow is bsketti - I'm still trying to get her to say that word correctly! And of course, the kids all want to take Grandma and Grandpa to Culver's - their favorite restaurant.


  1. Tell more about the movie,,,how good it was and why? Because I thought it would be fun to see even if my children are having children. Glad to see a new blog.

  2. Welcome to the bloggosphere!! Can't wait to see pix!

  3. how did my mom beat me to posting! haha

    must be that word verification/typing!