Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving/Closing Days

I totally intended to take pictures but the day just didn't quite go as well as we had anticipated. On Thursday, we hired a company to move our big furniture to storage and we also had the packers at the house in the afternoon to pack our air and sea shipment to Saudi Arabia. The one thing that they didn't tell us was that besides the weight limit for our shipments (which we were well under) there is a volume limit also. So we were lucky that we got 5 bikes in the shipment. I don't currently have one and one of the little girl's bikes got left behind. I'm not sure whether it was Rachel or Lizzie's bike, but someone is either going to be really sad that their bike didn't make it or really happy that they will get a new one!

I spent the evening with some good friends finishing up the packing - thanks Michelle, Paige, Julie and Emily! By 9:30 pm, I was beat and fell into bed and right to sleep. I was up at 11:30 and could not sleep - my mind was racing with all that we had to get done the next day. I started early with a trip to my mom's house to drop off some things and Mark hit the dumpster with a ton of trash. Julie and Christina came to help me clean the bathrooms and the kitchen and did an awesome job! Darryl and Dennis came and helped mark pack up a truck we rented and take stuff over to the storage place. We have so much stuff that we ended up having to rent a third unit and we're still overflowing. We'll be trying to sort through that over the next few days. We'll give away some things and toss some in the dumpster.

The buyers came buy at about 11:00 for a walkthrough which is required by the mortgage company now. We chatted with them for a little while and then did a little more before we had to head off to closing. Our friends finished up the cleaning and unloaded the truck for us. I'm so grateful for knowing such wonderful people willing to give up their time to help us! Closing took a little bit and Mark and I stopped for a quick bite to eat since we hadn't had anything since breakfast. When we got back to the house we had no power - I had cancelled our account, but the buyer hadn't turned his on yet - so I couldn't finish vacuuming (oh I was so sad). One more trip to the storage unit for Mark and Megan and I tried to gather everything left in the house.

We decided to have a break and took the kids to dinner at Culvers and then dropped them off at my parent's house to go finish getting everything out of the house. By this time, we were pretty much beyond exhausted. We couldn't fit the kayak and a ladder into the unit so we left them for our neighbors hoping they would want them (they did).

All in all, I think it was one of the longest days of my (and probably Mark's) life. We really don't want to do this again for a very long time...well at least a couple of years when we move back.

So we are no longer homeowner's - we are going to miss our home, we brought our triplets home there and have spent the longest part of our married life there. It is a beautiful home and neighborhood and we hope the new owner's enjoy it as much as we did!


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    Are you still at KAUST please? I am looking for some information about moving to it.