Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mark's First Day

I spoke with Mark a little more yesterday and we shared some emails and he sent a few pictures so I will share what he has told me so far.

When he arrived, he was put into a 3 BR townhouse. We were a little disappointed, because we really would like/need a 4 BR house but it sounds like not all of the homes are complete yet. The good thing is that in the townhouse, there is no outside entrance to the maid's room so even though it is small, one of the kids could use that room. One of the guys that he works with is in a 2 BR house and would like a 3 BR so we'll see how that all works out and if we'll be able to move eventually. He told me that we're right across from the elementary school and just down the street from the grocery store and secondary school also. I think that will be convenient.

We've heard from others that the houses sometimes have issues when you move in. They all are fixed by maintenance eventually so that is good but not always convenient. I guess I'm glad that Mark is there finding these things out before we get there. I think the worst one was that the stove and microwave didn't work so Mark really couldn't prepare food very easily. He also has no bike or car so has to walk everywhere and it is very hot right now!

Mark made a couple trips to the supermarket. Some things are pretty cheap. He spent 2.95SR or about .80 cents for 6 eggs. A box of cereal was expensive! He paid 30SR which is about $8, ouch. Looks like my kids better get used to eating eggs for breakfast!

So now some pictures of the house...

This is looking from the dining room into the living room.

Looking into the kitchen.

Looking into the living room.

The outside of the house - the open garage is ours and the front door is to the right.

At the KAUST marina.


  1. Beautiful home!!!
    it looks a lot like ours :-)

    Yeah, bring cereal if you want on your shipment because it is not cheap at all!

    I hope you guys can make it here soon enough and please have Mark call us for anything.

  2. Wow Cindy, that home is really beautiful!! It's so nice that it's furnished and you don't have to worry about lugging all your stuff over! Now if we could only figure out a way for you guys to ship some of that cheap gas over to us!!

  3. Hi Cindy, my husband's looking into a possible job at KAUST, and I was wondering about getting to church. Are you Mormon? And by the way, great posts! Thanks for blogging about your experiences!