Friday, August 20, 2010

Mark at KAUST

Yesterday afternoon, we left the kids at my mom's house and headed to the airport for Mark's flight to Jeddah to start his new job at KAUST. We had to drop the van off for brake work (in terrible shape after 4500 miles across the country through mountains and acting as a moving van for 3 weeks) so we couldn't take all the kids with us. We didn't think it was fair to take a couple and leave the rest so Mark said his good-byes at home and I took him to the airport.

The whole way there, I kept telling him he was flying United to Chicago so that's where I dropped him off. Well, I got home, looked at his itinerary and oops, he was flying American. I was all worried so I gave him a quick call and he had figured it all out after he stood in the United line to drop off his luggage. Well...that will teach him to listen to me!

He had to pick up his luggage in Chicago and head to his next flight from Chicago to Amman, Jordan on Royal Jordanian airlines. That was the long 12 hour flight and then a short 2 hour flight to Jeddah on the same airline. He called me about 5:00 pm local time (about midnight in KSA) and told me he had arrived safely in Jeddah and had been met by his KAUST representative. He could only talk a minute because he was using someone else's phone so I'm looking forward to hearing many more details about his trip. I am sure glad that he arrived safely though!

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