Saturday, November 19, 2011

KAUST Activities

KAUST offers a variety of activities for families to participate in and there are school activities for the kids also.  Megan had enjoyed playing softball when we lived in Lake Orion so she decided to try-out for the softball team here at her school.  Here at Harbor Secondary School, the team was co-ed and since we don't have a baseball/softball field, they practiced in an open grassy area behind their school.  There aren't any other teams to play in the immediate area so it's mostly just practice and scrimmage games against each other.  But the season culminated in a trip to Dhahran to the Aramco compound for a multi-school two-day tournament. 

So the question you let your not quite 13 year old daughter travel with her co-ed softball team across Saudia Arabia by herself.  Well....I wasn't comfortable with that so we told Megan that she could go if her dad or I went with her.  She wasn't thrilled, but we decided to have Mark go with her.  The kids stay with host families on the compound but Mark wasn't officially part of the trip so we needed to find someplace to stay.  Through our church, we found someone who was willing to let Mark stay the night - which worked out wonderfully.  Mark also became the unofficial photographer - or perhaps now it is official, because many of his pictures ended up in the yearbook!  Here's a couple that he took of Megan...

The was taken right after Megan avoided being tagged by
3rd baseman.  She was pretty proud of herself :-)

KAUST also offers a lot of activities throught the recreation center for families.  Last year, there was a family 5 K walk/run, there are "Dive-In" movie nights at the pool, kite flying days, etc.  The pictures below are of the go-cart day that they sponsered in the parking lot outside our stadium.  Mark and the two older kids went because the little ones were not big enough to drive the carts.

All in all, KAUST is a very nice place to live and it's really a wonderful community! 


  1. Hi,

    Are you still at KAUST please? I am looking for some information about moving to it.

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