Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Trip to Versailles

On Sunday, we decided to take a day trip out to Versailles.  We chose today because it was the first Sunday of the month.  On that day, all of the museums in Paris open up for free so they are very crowded - our tour book recommended that you avoid museums on that day if at all possible, so that's what we did. 

The weather was not that great today - cloudy, chilly and a little rainy.  Some of the kids didn't want to eat at the hotel so we had a quick breakfast at a little restaurant called the Pomme de Pain close to our hotel and then we figured out what train we needed to take out to Versailles.  It was about a 40-50 minutes trip out and then a 10 minute walk. 

The palace was very beautiful and SOOOO big! So may different rooms with so much artwork. They have an audio tour that you can listen to as you walk through the palace which gave information about each of the rooms you walk through.  The Gardens of Versailles are said to be exquisite and we did head out to see them but decided not to walk through because it was extra cost and the weather was not being very cooperative. 

Gardens from the window.

The room of mirrors.

We were all pretty hungry after we finished our tour so we walked into the little town to get some lunch.  Our problem was that we had no cash so we had to find a restaurant that would take a credit card.  We hadn't exchanged Riyals into Euros before we left, thinking we could do it at the airport in Paris (like we did in Athens) but all of he exchange places wanted to charge a lot of money to do that.  So we exchanged a little but not very much and at this point we had very little left.  We found a cute little diner but they did not take credit cards and nothing else was really open.  So we headed back towards the train station where we had a wonderful lunch at McDonald's - yum!  Actually, it was something we hadn't eaten in a long time so it was kind of good.

Alex and Rachel playing on the train.

We headed back on the train and to the hotel for a little rest time.  After we rested it was time for dinner and we had no idea where to go.  We finally looked into our tour book and found a place called Scoops which was supposed to be a little American diner - we figured out what street it was on and headed out.  Just as our luck with finding places all week had gone, we could not find this restaurant so as we were walking around and we found a little pizza place.  It had long tables that would fit our family and looked pretty cute so we decided to eat there.  The waiter was fun and the pizza was great!  We don't get great pizza here in Saudi Arabia so it was nice to eat some that was enjoyable.

We all seemed to be a little tired from our travels still so we headed back to the hotel after dinner and off to sleep.  Tomorrow morning we had some plans in the city and then we were heading out to Disneyland Paris!!!

Thanks again for reading!

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