Sunday, December 5, 2010

Variety Night at KAUST

Tonight was the 2nd Annual KAUST School Variety Night put on by the Harbor Secondary School here on the KAUST campus.  The Secondary School is grade 6 through grade 12 and is the school that Spencer and Megan attend.  They didn't participate but we all attended to show support for our school and our community.  It was a very nice evening.  There were 12 acts - both musical and dance.  The kids did wonderfully despite some small problems with the microphones.  The kids were from all over the world which made it very interesting - everything from Hip Hop to Indian dancing to lots of songs that you all would probably recognize from current popular music.

I guess the most interesting thing for me tonight wasn't so much the acts - although they were fun and very enjoyable - but it was a nice feeling being part of this community.  The Variety Night was held at the cinema on campus which also has a stage.  Megan left early, rode her bike and met up with some of her friends to attend.  Spencer had Scouts tonight so he met up with them and they rode their bikes up to the cinema.  Mark rode his bike over from work and met us and my friend Belky met up with me and the triplets to enjoy the show.  I think it's so funny that the triplets seem truly amazed when we are out and about on campus that they know people.  "Hey Mom - that's so and so from my class" ...."Hey, I know that guy."'s pretty funny.  Campus is not all that big and you see people you know everywhere you go - the market, Discovery Square (our little "downtown" area), the Sports Club.  So for as difficult as it is to live here sometimes, I do really like the small community feel here and the wonderful people that I've met from all over and am really enjoying getting to know!

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