Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red Sea and Juice

First, the Read's Thursday (meaning Saturday) and Mark wanted to head over to the beach to do some wind surfing.  It ended up to be a little too windy for a beginning wind surfer so Mark and the kids just spent some time in the water.  I snapped a few pictures before the battery on my camera went dead.

Mark, Spencer, Megan, Rachel and Alex decided to walk out to this "island" that is really like a large sand bar and not difficult to get to.  Lizzie didn't want to go so we were going to start heading home since the wind picked up.  Lizzie and I had gotten about 1/2 way back to the scooter when Rachel and Alex came running back to us because it was getting windy and a sand storm was picking up.  So I sent them to the car and had to go back to the beach to get our keys.  While I was there, one of the Coastline guys (the company that runs the beach) asked me if I needed help because they were getting everyone off the beach.  They had told Mark and the kids that they needed to come in.  He drove me back to the car where the triplets were hiding their faces against the car to keep out of the sand.  They looked so pathetic that it was kind of cute.  We hopped in the car and the triplets and I waited for the rest of the family. 

Luckily, another nice Coastline guy picked Mark, Spencer and Megan back to the car.  It was pretty much full sandstorm winds now and the people that worked there were all wearing face masks so as not to breathe the sand.  Since we still have a rental car and it only seats 5, Mark had to ride the scooter back to the house.  It was pretty windy and sandy but he made it just fine.  The rest of us smushed in the car to get home. 

So now on to the of our favorite things about moving to Saudi Arabia is all the great juices that you can find her and how inexpensive they are.  These are only a few of the juices you can find in our little grocery store on campus.   In Jeddah, there are big stores that only sell juice, we've will defintely be visiting one of those soon!

Strawberry and Mango are our favorites and these big bottles cost 9 SAR which is  $2.40.
Megan is sad that these are empty :'-(

These little (single serve) bottles are
orange, mango,
mixed berry, mixed fruit
and apple and cost 1 SAR
which is about 27 cents.

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  1. LOL!! the little juice bottles!!!

    crazy about the beach trip, I didn't know you guys had been there for it.