Friday, September 17, 2010

Mark on Vacation

The Holy Month of Ramadan ended last week and after it is over, the Muslim world celebrates with a holiday called Eid.  It is actually a longer name, but I'm not sure of it and it seems like it's just shortened to Eid anyways.  So the whole kingdom goes on vacation, including Mark after only 2 weeks at his new job (lucky guy).  He was feeling kind of sorry for himself that he was by himself and really nothing to do but I couldn't work up a whole lot of sympathy :-)  It sounds like he had a good week.  He went into the city a couple times with someone else from his group or someone that is in our ward at church.  He bowled, played table tennis, went to the beach and rode his scooter around.  Not the most exciting vacation I'm sure but I can honestly say that I'm a little jealous - what mom of 5 kids doesn't wish for a week long vacation in a warm climate by herself? 

Here are a few pictures that he took of sunset at KAUST.  I think they're very pretty. 

Only 2 more weeks until the rest of us start our adventure.  It's hard to believe that it's so close and still it seems pretty far away also.  We are going to miss our family here and all of our friends too!

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  1. I think it's too funny that you blog about KAUST when he is the one here!!! with all his free time he could blog too :-)

    We're so sad we didn't make it more fun for him but we didn't do anything really :-(

    Two weeks!!! I hope you are ready.